Things to do and see in Kapas Island


In Kapas Island, you will be able to enjoy the best of nature in many ways. Unlike most islands along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia which promise snorkelling and diving, you get to spot turtles here as well.

Turtle Spotting in Kapas Island

– This can be done around the northern part of the island. Terengganu is known to be one of the hotspots for turtles to come ashore to lay eggs which means you can spot the giant leatherback, Olive Ridley or Hawksbill if you are lucky.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving – What is an island resort without diving and snorkelling? Kapas Island is known for a few really famous dive sites. Operators like Aqua Sport can help you in organizing diving excursions which are available for both day and night. Meanwhile, snorkelling is possible through the resorts which help you to make arrangements for diving as well. In most cases, you can snorkel just off the beachside or take boat rides to other parts of Kapas Island to dwell among the creatures on the seabed.

Jungle Trekking – If you plan to trek the jungles here, it can be very effortless as Kapas Island is very small. You can do so at the locations behind the Kapas Island Resort that takes you towards other parts of the island including the Turtle Valley Resort where you get to see another view from the island. This can be quite an experience because of the fact that you will be hurdling through a lot of beautiful plants and small animals along the way.