Qimi Private Bay Chalet


The Qimi Private Bay Chalets is a very special place to stay for anyone visiting Kapas Island for a holiday. This is the closest you will get to enjoy a homely environment without having to go through rates that are over-the-top.

It will be very difficult not to fall in love with the Qimi Chalet because you will notice its welcoming units the moment you arrive here. The tranquility of the island can be enjoyed to its fullest here because you are actually as private as you can get without having to maneuver past the crowded areas of other beaches.

Relax at the beautiful calm beach

Within your own chalet unit, you can practically do nothing and laze around while basking in the gushing water slapping towards the coast or the amazing insects communicating to each other coming through from the forest nearby.

A seaside vacation will not get any better when you are able to wake up to the sights of the surrounding seas and beautiful skies. Owned and run by Rose and Nolly, you can enjoy the home-cooked food served here.

If you are going to enjoy the waters, take a dip into the seas or go snorkeling at the nearby spots. You can go for short walks into the jungles to spot some birds, monitor lizard and other animals.

For those who like the underwater species, scuba diving is a norm here where you can go to the nearby dive sites or head out to other smaller islands to enjoy the other beaches and nature’s best.