Pulau Kapas Holiday Tips


Money and Currency

You would be required to use the Malaysian Ringgit for any transactions here although some resorts accept foreign currencies too. Do not expect to get a good exchange rate though. Major credit cards are accepted at most places.

Best time to visit Pulau Kapas

Kapas Island is very much like the rest of Malaysia where it gets the tropical climate all through the year. You can actually visit Kapas Island anytime throughout the year although you must be aware of the year end monsoon that comes around from October to March. As such, the perfect time to come for the sun and sea would be between May to August when rainfall is at the lowest and when you have the calmest of seas. However, take note though that those are peak seasons which mean the beaches can be quite crowded.

Language and Culture

Rest assure that English Language is spoken and understood around Kapas Island. If you know some local dialects of Bahasa Malaysia, it helps to get you to places and even discounts at times. Be careful not to offend the locals as some can be quite strict Muslims (as Islam is the official religion here).


Light clothing will be perfect for an island vacation. This does not mean wearing clothes that are too revealing or transparent. There is not much to pack when coming to Kapas Island except t-shirts and bermudas with flip-flops.


Drinking water usually come in bottled form. You can buy them from shops while some resorts give them out as complimentary. You should not drink from the tap (although it is quite safe) unless you boil them beforehand. Besides that, Kapas Island is generally a very clean island.

Electricity and mobile services

Malaysia practices the 240V and 50-cycle electricity system. 3-point plugs according to the UK specifications are commonly used. Bring a converter if you are using other voltages or buy one from the shops. Mobile services are accessible from the island which can be quite unstable at times. To be safe, use a local number as pre-paid mobile services are easily available in most convenience stores and sundry shops.