Hotels and Food in Kapas Island


Accommodation in Kapas Island can be quite limited by the sheer size of the island. As such, you might not have too many options if you plan to stay here with a lot of visitors to Kapas Island tend to come here for day trips to enjoy the seaside or the waters.

Kapas Island Resort

– This is one of the few resorts in Kapas Island which is only a few minutes’ walk from the jetty where you hop-off. Upon reaching the resort, you will see chalets lining up along the coast where you get to choose among the 60 purposely built units of Malay-traditional designed chalets. Facilities here are quite decent and standard while those on a budget can choose to stay at the dormitories available. What makes this place so nice is that they can have snorkelling and fishing trips while a lot of indoor games are provided as well.

Kapas Turtle Valley

– From as low as RM190, you can choose among the different types of rooms here. The so-called ‘bungalow’ units are quite unique as you get to enjoy the privacy of being away from the maddening crowd.

Tuty Puri

– Quite a luxury choice with dormitories available with a great location and the view of the waters upfront.

Beauty Island Resort

– Provides bungalows as options which are fitted with standard equipment like fans and attached bathrooms.

Light House

– If you are travelling on a budget, then Light House is a great place to stay with large rooms and low rates.

Zaki Beach Chalet

– A decent place to stay with a medium-scale environment. It is a bit smaller as compared to the others but is known for its great food.

Food in Kapas Island

– Typically, you won’t find many restaurants here where the best places to dine and have a decent meal would be through those operated by the resorts. Expect some very sumptuous local delights while there are continental choices as well. To be safe, you should take the packages offered by the resorts which are inclusive of food and lodging as well as certain excursions to the dive spots or other nearby islands.