Gem Wellness Spa and Island Resort


Pulau Kapas is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia and the region. Unknown to many, it has one of the most scenic land and seascapes you can ever imagine.

Located not far from the main centre of Kapas Island is the Gem Island Resort and Spa. This is a truly luxurious resort which is among the few privately-owned isles in the country.

Pristine beaches of Kapas Island

As such, you can expect a host of upscale facilities here waiting within the Marine Conservation Park. The beaches here are practically untouched while the water is so still, it feels as if no one has ever swum in them before.

The resort here has its own wellness spa called the ‘Tusita’ which will surely make your vacation all the more relaxing.

The Gem Wellness Spa and Island Resort provide 45 water villas which you will enjoy the view from the comfort of your own doorstep. All the villas here face the South China Sea which means you will be waking up to the view of the spectacular ocean joining the skies where you get to enjoy your own seating area with Chinese tea.

Activities here include island hopping which can be arranged with the resort or you can go kayaking out to the waters. A trip to Kapas Island will not be complete without snorkeling where you can swim with the most amazing sea creatures or go scuba diving in some of the top diving spots in the world which can all be arranged with the management.